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About my blog...

Hi - I'm Rick Ktorides, an IT Project Manager based out of Perth, Western Australia.

I started this blog as a creative way of sharing my experiences as a project manager - it's been such an amazing journey!!

It feels great to share knowledge, particularly if you are able to help solve a problem for someone or perhaps provide some inspiration. 

About me...

Ok - so a little about me...ummm

  • Have a love / hate relationship with coffee

  • Insomniac by night - I fill the void by doing various things like project management articles and fluking my way through creating a website 

  • Always seem to grossly underestimate how much time it takes to create's got something to do with going down content rabbit holes...

  • Can't help using exclamation marks in documentation and emails and getting told off for doing so!!

  • Consider MS Excel to be the absolute best application ever - it can do anything!

  • Constantly have 1 million things open on my desktop and only reboot when the system has had enough and decides to crash in desperation...

Coffee 2.jpg
About my professional background...
  • 15+ years IT Project Management experience - budgets up-to AUD $10m

  • Specialise in the following project types:

    • Infrastructure

    • Application

    • Transformation

    • Managed Services Transition

    • ​Cloud

    • Security

    • Business Projects

  • Complimentary skills:

    • Pre-sales - partnering with various pre-sales teams to win work (you can't beat that feeling of winning work)

    • Bid / Tender Management

    • Business Analysis

    • Business Change Management 

    • Vendor Relationship Management

  • Working in IT since 1995 ... you know when ...

    • You needed to type "format a:" into the MS DOS command prompt before being able to use a new floppy disk

    • Novell Netware was the business in networking

  • Industry verticals include: ​

    • IT integrator and consulting

    • Airport

    • Mining 

    • Engineering, procurement & construction management (EPCM)

    • Finance and accounting

    • Banking

    • Fund management

    • Not for profit - National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS)

    • Telecoms software

    • Gaming

    • Retail

  • Check out my LinkedIn page for further details:

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