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Project Success Estimator

Assessing your project's chances of success...

In 5 mins or less!!

Is your project destined to be a glorious success - or is your project doomed to make the same mistakes as many others before it?

Well, I can't tell you for sure (and no one can), however I can make a hypothesis based on 11 critical ingredients you need to maximise your project's chances for success.

What are your project's odds?

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Frequently asked questions...

The following is a list of frequently asked questions around the Project Success Estimator:

Question # 1: What can I do to improve my project's chances for success?

Some big ticket items you can do to greatly improve your project's chances are as follows:

  1. Firm up the exact goals of your project

    This may seem super obvious, however you would be surprised at how often projects get this wrong. The simple fact is - if you don't know what the exact goals of your project are, you most probably will not arrive at your required destination. 


  2. Improve the project management

    Think of a project as a temporary organisation and its project manager as a CEO.  If the project manager does not really lead the project for whatever reason, your project will most probably fail to navigate through its given constraints. 


  3. Active Project Owner involvement

    Not having identified the project owner and not having their active involvement in the project is akin to a battleship going out to sea without the ability to communicate to their base command.

    It's a recipe for disaster - the project won't be able to course correct, receive critical updated instructions, won't have support or have the ability to ask for help when required. It will fast turn into a rogue project. 


Question # 2: Why is the maximum score achievable 98% rather than 100%? 

This is intentional by design as you can never predict anything with absolute 100% certainty when it comes to doing projects.

There is always some sort of an element of risk, no matter how carefully you plan and prepare your project. 

Question # 3: I have further questions?


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via my contact page:

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