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Document Endorsement


Document Endorsement is something that is requested and given to a document as a way of expressing formal agreement of the document from the perspective of quality. 

Project Manager Usage Context

As a project manager, you can request relevant project team members and key stakeholders to provide their formal "endorsement" on document deliverables.

This is usually requested once the document is in a finalised state.

E.g. "Roger - please can you review and provide your endorsement of the Detailed Design Specification before we request the Chief Operating Office to provide final document approval for us to go head?"

Endorsement of a document can be provided in several different ways such as:


  • Physically signing the document

  • Digital signature

  • Email approval


It really depends on organisation preferences / what a project manager deems acceptable within the context of the project and it's risk classification. 

Comments / Tips

When asking people for their endorsement, be sure to explain the difference between providing endorsement and approvals. 

You are only asking them to provide endorsement within their area of expertise and in the context of their role rather than from an accountability level.

It's also often much simpler, quicker and easier to host a group document endorsement session rather than seek endorsement one person at a time.  

Example of usage in project documentation:

Document Endorsement:


As a document endorser, you confirm that:


  • You support and agree with the content of the documentation and any appendix items within the context of your role and skillset.


  • The document author has incorporated any areas of constructive feedback to a satisfactory level of the document endorser.


Document endorsers understand that:


  • The content of the document and appendix items need to be reviewed in relative detail

  • Feedback should be provided to the document author in relation to any items that may appear incorrect or may need further detail.

  • Any risks and issues against the interests of the project and the broader organisation are adequality represented.




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