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Feasibility Phase


The Feasibility Phase of a project is where you establish if the proposed project is feasible from a technical, schedule as well as budgetary perspective.

Project Manager Usage Context

Often used as a nimble way of getting the project off the ground without having to commit to providing a solution or asking the project sponsor to commit to large budgets. 

E.g. “We estimate the project may cost by cost up-to $750k however there is some uncertainty if vendors can actually meet all the requirements and associated costs”

”Let’s get a Feasibility phase funded so we can perform an Request for Proposal and firm up both what is technical possible and what it will cost”

Comments / Tips

To make them worthwhile, the Feasibility Phase of your project should ideally only cost a fraction of what the overall estimated project costs are likely to be. 

E.g. It would be a very tough sell to request a feasibility phase that will cost $25k on an overall estimated project cost of $50k.

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