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Finish-to-Finish (FF)


In project scheduling, setting a dependency rule that the ‘finish date’ of a particular task is dependent on the ‘finish date’ of its specified predecessor task.

Project Manager Usage Context

Setting Finish-to-Finish dependencies is done within a project scheduling application such as MS Project by either the Project Manager of a Project Scheduler.

Finish-to-Finish is one of the less common task dependencies.

Setting task dependencies is an integral part of working out the planned duration of your project as well as critical to both the sequence order and timing of all project tasks.

Comments / Tips

To avoid any confusion with your project stakeholders, avoid using the term “Finish-to-Finish” when communicating this sort of dependency.

Rather, lay it out in layman's terms.

E.g. “System performance monitoring and data analytics collecting can continue running but needs to stop as soon as Team B completes their testing.”

There are 4 types of task dependencies - also see :

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